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Unique felted art, handmade in Wales - to wear, admire and enjoy in many ways - the choice is yours. Conceived and designed with colours influenced from my travels through India and Morocco and textures taken from natural locks and curls. Commissions very welcome - all undertaken in my Towy Valley garden studios.



Fabulous Feltings

From inspiration to concept, no two days are the same in my work. Nuno felting allows wool and silk materials to fuse together beautifully and magically.

Cobweb felting produces a delicate, light, but strong fabric which can be ideal for wearing and many other uses.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients creating gorgeous felted and wearable art; together we can design something special for you.


Felt-making workshops in my studio commenced in Spring 2019 - small groups receive individual tuition whilst enjoying my riverside garden in the beautiful Upper Tywi Valley. Nothing can be more delightful than felting by the river whilst watching lambs gambolling in the fields across the way.

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for any further infomation - together we can make a truely fabulous felting

Jane Evans, Abercamlais, Cilycwm, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, SA20 0SW, UK

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