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December - End of the Year already

It’s been a busy few weeks setting up stands and talking to new ‘customers’ at winter fairs locally and across the border into Herefordshire. Thank you to everyone who bought a fabulous felting from me and / or showed interest in my full-day workshops.

I look forward to welcoming you to my riverside studio in the New Year – Christmas will have been and gone, Brexit will be in motion, and what better to brighten up the winter chills than a day filled with colour and creativity?!

If you have some days in mind already please let me know and I’ll book you in. Just to remind you – I still have gift vouchers available at a reduced rate of £140 for two people - they make the perfect Christmas gift for you and a companion. Don’t worry if you have no-one to come along with you – I’ll add you to another small group. The day you come for your first lesson may be the day that will change the rest of your life – it did for me! Make 2020 the year to release your inner creative spirit.

Having been told at school; “Jane, you can’t paint”, “Jane you can’t draw”, I shut off my creative side for far too many years. Felt making however, has released my imagination and let me blend colours like on an artist’s palate. Building up layers of the finest wool and silk, letting the fibres ‘talk to me’ and producing a unique but fabulous felting is always a magical experience. Nothing is ‘wrong’ and students often tell me that having been on many workshops for different crafts, their felt creations are the first that they have been proud enough to show their friends and family. Within a few hours of students leaving a workshop I quite often receive photos of their samplers already framed, used as table mats or wrapped around a favourite book.

Once the basics have been mastered, please return for ‘further felting adventures’ – make a fabulous cobweb wrap, nuno felted scarf, or work with curls. The possibilities are endless; wool is magical.

Felt making has taken me to India…. to source vintage silks and home-spun cottons for nuno felting. Of course, once there, one cannot fail to fall under the country’s spell – colours, sounds, smells…. but mainly colours – and I have returned many times over the past few years. My enthusiasm for Rajasthan has led me to organise a tour for a small party next March – we will feast on the splendour of the Taj Mahal, immerse ourselves in the colours of Holi, try our hands at block-printing, feast on a meal we will have made ourselves, relax with a Rani……..

Where will my felt-making journey take me next? Where will a work-shop take you? Join me in 2020 for felting magic.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you soon.

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