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A Very New Year

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As the saying goes – “Only take the good things forward”. I’m delighted to announce therefore that I shall commence online ‘back to basics’ wet-felting classes via zoom this coming Thursday (January 7th) for four weeks. So many people are keen to re-connect with their creative side, and what better than to start now? Not only will you ‘meet’ like-minded folk, but you’ll learn a new craft or brush up on skills already learnt. You can even join the zoom session(s) just to see what wet-felting is all about, without actaully having a go. Of course, you may be quite proficient in your felting skills, so in addition, we will discuss what to do with the numerous and many samplers you may have.

I know that some samplers are used as tablemats, pictures, book covers and the like, but you may like to embellish them in some way…. possibly with needle felting, hand stitching, bead work…. you are only limited by your imagination. You can even completely re-work your samplers, cutting them up and using as pre-felt. You might even end up with a sampler book; a keepsake which you can continuously update and add to. The sessions last about two hours with a break in the middle – please let me know if you’d like the link and I’ll email it to you.

Shopping is nigh on impossible at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a fabulous purchase in my winter sale where all items have been reduced by 25%. There are real bargains to be had and with the weather turning somewhat chilly over the last few days, what better than to envelope yourself up in one of my curl throws. Wear the lightest of cobweb wraps as a shawl or scarf to keep you warm, then drape it over your bed or chair – it’ll be far too beautiful to hide away in a cupboard. Please use the link below or ask me for any further details.

Also available are some beautiful nuno-felted heirloom pieces created using vintage silks and liberty prints which would make unique wedding gifts. I may also be commissioned to make wedding and christening wraps.

I do hope to ‘see’ you soon at a zoom session and before long, in person, at one of my full-day workshops in my riverside studio.

Wishing you health and happiness in the months to come. We’ve passed the winter solstice and things can only get brighter.

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So happy to hear about the refresher in wet felting. Do you have a time in mind?

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