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Easter at Fabulous Feltings

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I know I say this a lot and perhaps it’s a sign of getting older, but the time is flying by! Who would have thought, a year ago, that we’d still be locked down for Easter 2021? Let’s just hope that Spring this year is the harbinger of a much better year ahead and the return to ‘normality’.

Early Spring this year saw me commencing a series of paid-for Sunday afternoon wet-felting classes via zoom. I mentioned in my last blog that my ‘students’ came from the U.S. as well as the U.K. and our group of diverse characters has bonded well with many new and lasting friendships formed.

We made cobweb and Shibori influenced scarves on small tables - that doesn’t mean very short scarves - they are just laid out and rolled in a different way to ensure you can make a 6’ scarf on a 3’table! We also made nuno-felted table-mats and wet felted pictures using a lot of surface texture and reusing unwanted felt pieces.

I hope it isn’t too long before I can resume full-day workshops in my river-side garden studio - it won’t be until all hospitality has been resumed in Wales, but I can assure that a warm welcome awaits and I shall keep you updated. You will be able to choose making 3 samplers from 3 different wet-felting techniques, or one sampler plus a scarf or vessel using a resist.

As the sun rises higher in the sky and more UV is available we can also make some cyanotypes if time permits. I will still continue with the zoom classes however, as travel from e.g. New York for the day may be rather excessive!

In addition to planning new classes I have also been attending classes myself. In March I attended a month-long series of on-line classes learning how to felt paper with wool fibre – it’s quite incredible how paper fibres completely de-construct in the felting process before re-constructing with the wool to become a very lightweight yet remarkable strong material suitable for vessels and lampshades. My mind is buzzing with ideas and I hope to offer these incredible pieces for sale very soon.

As I write, I can see daffodils gently swaying in the breeze and lambs gambolling in the fields opposite.

Being able to venture further than from our doorsteps has seen me walking in the foothills of the Black Mountains - to LLyn y Fan fach at least - Lady of the Lake country as well as God’s own.

It is truly a very Happy Easter and I hope yours is a happy one too.

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