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Let's Play!

Yes, it is ok for adults to play. Playing isn’t just for children – or are we all just children at heart? Playing is a means of relieving stress, switching off from our daily routines, learning something new and above all having fun.

Perhaps what I really mean is that It’s good to get out of your comfort zone, go beyond what you thought were your limitations and experiment. Anyone who knows me will know that I love to immerse myself in colour and textiles and I hold wet-felting workshops from my riverside studio so I can share my passion with others.

The wonderful thing about crafting workshops is that everyone can join in – you don’t have to be an expert (and it’s unlikely that any of us will be as there’s always something new to learn). This collaborative approach to learning encourages sharing of ideas so we learn even more than we set out to – you never know what ideas will bounce around.

This year I really want to concentrate on bringing even more colour and texture into my work and workshops – colour cheers me up and I’ve learnt not to be scared of it. So many of us (including me) were told; “you can’t”, but I am telling you; “you can” - let yourself go and escape the magnolias and beiges of this world.

You don’t have to be ‘arty’ to try an ‘arty’ craft. We are all innately creative, and all you need to do to complete an activity successfully is to let yourself go - your inner artist will quickly wake up.

Colour also lets you make a statement – choose colours you like, not what fashion dictates. I’m not just talking about clothes here – have colour in your décor and home furnishings – and you’ll feel much more positive. You can let the colours ‘clash’ too if you like – there’s no right or wrong!

From my own workshop experience, I can definitely say that everyone is happy and have a wonderful time when being creative - laughter abounds! Touching, feeling and massaging whilst wet-felting are wonderful ways to stimulate your brain. Not only are these activities fun but they produce endorphins, which can reduce stress and anxiety levels. My studio is full of colour and textures – new participants will quite often just stand and stare when they enter for the first time – there’s so much to see and my space has been likened to Aladdin’s cave.

Come along to one of my workshops where you’ll have a day of fun, laughter and activity. You may never wet-felt again but you’ll know you can achieve something fabulous and not be afraid to play again.

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