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How the world has changed since I last blogged! I hope that you and your families are keeping healthy. Are you going stir crazy with the same boring routines or are you embracing the new ‘normal’. I must say I enjoy the quiet roads and supermarkets - even the queues provide a few moments to chat with other shoppers - something I don’t normally do when rushing around the food aisles.

We have more time to breathe, look at our surroundings more closely, appreciate the colours, textures, sounds and smells on our daily walks. Everything is fresher and more vibrant.

Now is the time to get creative, embrace new technology and not spend every minute cleaning out yet another cupboard. Needless to say I’ve not been able to hold any felt-making workshops in my riverside studio for the past few weeks but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped sharing my knowledge. I have held 4 wet-felting sessions to date via zoom - participants have been from all levels of expertise and some have joined just to see what felting is all about. Some participants make felt while I’m demonstrating but many just enjoy being part of a felting community.

So far, we have covered basic wet felting, Nuno felting, making a vessel using a resist, shibori techniques and touched on working with curls. I hope I have encouraged my ‘zoomers’ back into felting and to hone their skills between sessions. Of course, I am unable to see their work closely and offer advice for when things just don’t work out properly, but I hope to do that when my studio workshops begin again. Please let me know if you’d like to join the Thursday afternoon sessions and I’ll send you the links.

India seems a lifetime ago but I’m enjoying reliving the trip through my photos. I hope to be in a position soon to offer a slide show of ‘Evans Escapes’ in Rajasthan. Who knows - you may be tempted to join me on my next trip! In the meantime, I’ve been taking photos during my daily local walks in the Upper Towy Valley, Cambrian Mountains and Brecon Bacons. I recently bought a new phone which has an amazing camera and have at last have stopped being a snob regarding smartphone photography! That doesn’t mean I’m ditching the SLR just yet though...

With so many spring colours and textures surrounding my cottage I’m inspired to recreate the scenes in felt – the spring greens are truly scrumptious!

Looking forward to being ‘unlocked’ soon and endless wishes for you to keep safe,


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Thanks Jane - absolutely gorgeous photos from your Indian trip, it’s my favourite place I have to say, the colours and hustle and bustle, food and the gorgeous people. I am desperate to spend more time there especially in this area. Our Thursday afternoon sessions are a very welcome addition to an otherwise not very exciting day! The colours of your creations are just gorgeous, so vibrant - love them! Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us! Terryl

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