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Luxury Wool Felt

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I had a thought recently – I know what felt is but do you?

· Felt is a fabric made from wool by using friction, moisture and heat, without the use of stitching, sticking or weaving.

And what is wet-felting:

· This is a process which involves a loose pile of wool fibres, soapy water, massaging until the fibres hold together (felting) and then shocking (or fulling) the fabric to shrink and strengthen it.

I like to think there’s a sprinkling of magic too! It certainly still never fails to amaze me when I wash out the soap at the end of the process that the fibres have fused together and don’t just waft away!

I have held some wonderful workshops already this year and will organise one to suit you. With the half-term holiday approaching this could be the perfect time to kick-start your felting journey - you won’t regret it. Not only will you learn 3 different types of wet-felt making and go home with three super samplers, you will have had a completely stress-busting day, got in touch with your inner creativity (yes, really) and keep alive those little grey cells.

· Alison had a lovely creative day, thanked me for very clear teaching plus super tactile materials and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

· Claire and her daughter had a fabulous day learning wet-felting and took up a passion for the art-form and enjoyed a delicious lunch.

· Beryl and her friends had a wonderful day out, appreciating the time, energy, help and information I gave to them all.

Treat yourself to a break in the Cambrian mountains while you’re here and really switch off from the hustle and bustle of your daily stresses.

There won’t be any workshops in March as I’ll be soaking up the senses in India with a small group of ‘like-minded’ ladies. We’ll be in awe at the Taj Mahal, inspired by textile art in Rajasthan and participate in block-printing and indigo mud dyeing.

In addition to workshops, January has seen a lot of preparation in my studio – washing and dyeing some of the softest Cotswold locks and curls – so over the next few weeks I’ll be making luxury wraps, drapes, throws. Shall I make something especially for you?

What are you waiting for - contact me now for further info!

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