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What a year!

This time last year I was looking forward to a family Christmas at home and in the final planning stages of a trip to India which I had organised for ‘like-minded ladies’ in March. This year, Christmas will be a ‘quiet’ but no less special one, but travel to foreign fields are the stuff of dreams for the time-being.

However, the pandemic restrictions weren’t all bad. We all got out walking, saw the spring and summer unfurl day by day and had socially distanced conversations with ‘new’ neighbours. We embraced new technology – ‘zoom’ became more familiar than phone-calls – and new ways of ‘online’ working meant that we could reach larger audiences. I held weekly wet-felting sessions where new and more experienced enthusiasts learnt new skills, shared knowledge and built new friendships. Although numbers have dropped a bit since restrictions have eased, a hard core of us still ‘meet’ via zoom one evening every few weeks – if you want to join in please let me know – the more the merrier!

At the end of the summer I was able to resume full-day workshops in my riverside studio. To maintain social distancing numbers have been limited to 2 and will stay like that until further restrictions are eased next year. You’re more than welcome to come along - not only will you learn a new skill, you will get creative for a day and completely de-stress – both so important, especially at this time of the year when we struggle with shorter days, lack of sunlight and the continued Covid constrictions.

Next year, in addition to the basic wet-felting workshops I will hold refresher workshops where you will be able to brush up on your skills and then go on to make something of your choice – a wrap maybe, or a vessel, or possibly a bunch of flowers? The choice is yours! Hopefully I’ll be able to offer workshops for small hen parties too where we can make flowers for the wedding venue over a bottle of bubbly.

Alternatively, you may like to combine a morning of wet-felting with an afternoon making a coil pot from pre-loved fabrics, and if the weather is kind some cyanotypes too! Gift vouchers are still available to give as gifts (for two people for a whole day) and redeemable for up to a year.

The major effect the Pandemic had for me was in the cancellation of Fairs and exhibitions. I just haven’t been able to get out and meet you all again. I do have my website shop for purchases but I know that’s just not the same - you can’t feel the luxury or cwtch the curls.

I think pop-up shops will be the way to go for a while – I recently did one at Davies & Co, Llandeilo and hope to do another there in the Springtime.

The sky has hardly brightened at all today and with rain steadily falling I’ll say goodbye and Merry Christmas now and return to writing my Christmas cards. Stay safe, healthy and I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed for a better year in 2021.

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